Dear Steve,

Today’s date: 10/26/16.  Finish/Post this on 4/10/17.  A week before the Marathon.  You are ready.

Dear Steve (in April),

You left your job on 10/10 after 12 years.  12 years.  Instead of letting you clean out your locker they put your things in a trash bag.

It was time to move on.  The only revenge is living well.  Let it go.

The goal is to be doing over 30 classes and 1 on 1 sessions a week by this time.  The first week on your own you did 10.  Humble beginnings, but a ton has happened in 6 months, right?  One of the reasons you left the last spot was to reach more people and inspire them.  Don’t worry about money just yet, not even if things get bleak for a minute. You’re good.  You always come through.  Bet on yourself.

How’s the blog?  Remember that though you aren’t the fastest guy out there, or the best writer, your unique combination of running smarts, training smarts, and writing make you the perfect blogger and Coach.  You can write about running and training in a way that no one else can.  This blog has VALUE.  You will start slowly but keep writing, keep posting.  Things will tip for you.  I feel this in the place of my heart that is never wrong.  The same place that always knew you were a runner, even in 3rd grade.  The same place that knew Laura was your wife.  That place knows.  This is where you’re meant to be.  Bet on yourself.

Marathon Monday is coming!  I hope it was mild like last winter.  The Marathon has been a tough nut to crack, especially Boston.  You’re shooting for mid 2:30’s.  Go out hard, come home hard and if you bomb then bomb like Roy ‘Tin Cup’ Mcavoy: going for it.  Come home with your shield or on it.  Bet on yourself.

You should be in the best shape of your life.  That’s how you gotten through adversity in the past, by pouring the negativity into workouts.  You’ve always used fitness to fight the opponents you can’t meet head on.  You need to be the best to survive out there.   There are tons of good trainers.  Attract clients with how bright you shine.

Now put your head down and do the work.

You’re starting a difficult journey.  Your livelihood, your happiness, your everything depend on you moving forward without fear.  No safety net, no regrets, no excuses, no bullshit.  Be the Inspiration.  Lead with Love.  Change yourself to change others.

I’m betting everything on you.


8 am, Starbucks on Boylston and Berkeley 10/26/16



2 thoughts on “Letter to Self

  1. Love it! Can’t wait to toe the line behind you! Focus, Flow, Fast Finish.. Let’s do it!

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