99 days until the best race of our lives.

99 problems but a race ain’t one.

Here’s what this week’s training should look like.

Jan 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Rest 5 to 6 3+ 3+ or Rest 5 to 8 Rest 10 to 12

With the recent snow storm let’s take a moment to talk about the hazards of winter running.

Black ice: This is the one that will get you.  I’ve got no great advice here (maybe Yak Tracks).  You just have to be more aware of where your feet are stepping.  On some days you are better off running on the treadmill than outside.

Narrow sidewalks: People are idiots.  Never underestimate the stupidity of other runners/walkers.  They will disappoint you time and again.  Give them lots of space and assume they’ll do the wrong thing.

Visibility: In the day people will be snow blind, at night the limitations of vision are obvious.  So wear bright clothing.  I got a $15 light up vest for Xmas.  It can go over anything and no driver can claim ‘but I didn’t see him your honor’.

Night time running gets a lot more dangerous now that we’re closer to the road.  Runner’s World advocates running on the left side so you can see the cars coming.  I’m not sure if I agree…

Choose the right routes: Run places you know have been well plowed or have extra wide traffic lanes.

More runners=safer: The more people you run with the safer you are.

Loops: The Boston Common is 1.1 miles around.  Fresh pond is 2.5.  I’m sure that if you are pressed you can come up with a safe loop near you.  These are safe places to run that are reasonably well plowed everywhere.  Running some loops is a great way to get some miles in, though boring (trust me, I know.  My last marathon was 9 3 mile loops of Rockland State Park in NY).  If you have any sort of hip soreness/IT Band discomfort make sure to switch direction at the halfway mark.

My training:

Jan 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
6 rest 5 mile tempo 6+ 8 3×2 miles with 1 mile warmup/cool down 10 to 12

Last week i put up some solid numbers.  Bailed on a tempo workout to teach spin.

Legs feeling good.  I need to put in a lot more yoga.

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