‘Choose your pain: discipline or regret.’

I’m about to start week 2 of the 5.  Some observations:

Progress the 5 if they are too easy.

  • Pushups become diamond pushups or pushups with an oblique twist.
  • Squats become single leg squats.
  • Overhead presses become Arnold Presses.
  • Add more weight

Modify the 5 if they are too difficult.

  • Pushups regress to your knees.
  • Overhead presses become wall angels.
  • Reduce weight.

Let me remind you that YOU CANNOT OUT-TRAIN A POOR DIET.

So what exactly constitutes a healthy diet.  Everyone has a different opinion.

Here’s a simple way to look at food from Precision Nutrition:

For women:

For Men:

They have a cookbook that not only gives you great recipes, but the recipes are portioned out for you.

You can take this portion measurement everywhere you go.  Watch:

That’s how I roll through the salad bar at Roche Bros in Downtown Crossing.

So now we have portions settled let’s work on HABITS.

  • Eat as slowly as possible.
  • Stop when you are around 80% full.
  • Cut out processed foods (aka anything that you can’t trace back to its root in the earth or an animal).

5×5 is simple and will work.

These habits are simple and will work.

Do your best.  Get 1% better every day.

Let’s choose discipline.