6 weeks ago I had a bike crash.  It was pretty painful.

Couldn’t run.

Couldn’t do yoga.

Oddly enough the only cardio I could do was bike.

And I could lift.  Upper body.

I challenged myself to do 5 simple exercises for 5 weeks.  5 sets of 5 reps. 5 days a week.

Here’s the results:

Week 1 I was coming off a month of steadily upping my running and biking.

Week 5 I am still building my cardio but have not been able to do as much (due to recovery from injury).

Week 1 I was coming off a 2 month peak in yoga.  I was really feeling great.

Week 5 I’m rounding back into shape on my yoga mat.  Thankfully I didn’t lose much, but 4 weeks ago I could not twist to the left.

Week 1 I was not lifting much.

Week 5 I was doing my 5.

Let’s look at the pics.

Week 1Week 5

More muscular in week 5.

Weight down 2 lbs (I cleaned up my eating- a little).

Every weight program and diet works… for about 6 weeks.

This one worked.  I am leaner, more muscular and much stronger.  I have been running at a pretty good pace (though still hampered by the hip injury). My yoga is back to feeling really good.

Time to create the program for the next 5-6 weeks.

Safe to say this one worked.

I still need a tan.