We’re in sight of the finish.

This is burn out time.

As in it’s Saturday and I am sick of going for a long run.

Hold tight.  Get through it.  Stay positive.

One more LOOOOONG run.  And this one will be fun.

So… The Eastern States 20.  What are the ways we could run it?

Conservative- Just go out slow and run to finish it.

Race day simulation- You show up like you will for the Marathon.  Same shoes, socks, shirt, gels.  Try out your proposed marathon pace.

Go crazy- maybe you think you can go faster than your training.  Just go nuts for 20.  See where, or if, you fail.

All three approached work.  Just remember that you have three weeks to recover.

And you only have so many long, hard races in you.

Last week I ran my 20 really hard.  I’m still floored a little by it.  So I’ll approach this weekend with some caution.  I may shut it down after 12 or 15 miles and just jog it in.  I know I only have so many of these long races in me.

And the only one I care about is on 4/17.

Gauge how you feel presently.  How’s your recovery been after long, tough efforts?  Race/run appropriately.

19 20 21 22 23 24 25
Rest 5 to 6 3+ 3+ or Rest 5 to 8 Rest 3 to 5
26 27 28 29 30 31 Apr 1
Eastern States 20 Rest 3+ 3+ or Rest 5 to 8 Cross Train 13

Technically the 20 miler is next week.  So here’s the next two weeks programs.

Get healthy.  No running into pain.


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