• What the hell did I just see?

      October 3, 2017

      Some people think running is boring.  You’re out there.  No music, no friends, no cell phone.  Just you and the road, or the trail.  What could possibly happen? Well… It was a cold, seriously cold Xmas morning and I was out for a 17 mile run.  This was many years ago.  I was still in […]


    • How do I get fast?

      September 27, 2017

      Shaquille O’neal once dismissed billionaireDallas Maverick’s owner Mark Cuban saying, ‘He made all his money through luck.’ Mark Cuban’s reply, ‘Shaq’s right.  I am lucky.  But Shaq being 7 feet, 300 lbs, that was planned.’ There are some things you just can’t teach.  You got ’em or you don’t. You can’t teach luck, you can’t […]


    • No Bliss on the couch (unless you’re a greyhound)

      September 22, 2017

      All you can think about is the couch. When you’re hungry, tired, stressed, overworked… and the only place you want to be is on the couch.  To sink deep into the cushions, feel your eyelids get heavy, your breathing slow down; this is bliss. You’ve read something about sleep.  An article probably slid through your […]