• You’re asking the wrong questions

      September 15, 2017

      There are two types of runners: those who are injured and those who are about to be. Statistically you have a 50% chance of injury if you lace up your Nikes and head out. or your Asics. Or Adidas. Brooks. New Balance. You lace up- odds are 50% you’re getting hurt. The shoes matter, but […]


    • The 5 biggest roadblocks to losing weight

      July 11, 2017

      Low carb.  Low fat.  Paleo.  Atkins.  Fat flush.  Jenny Craig.  Weight Watchers.  Cookie diet.  Juice cleanse.  Detox. And on and on and on… There is so much information on how to lose weight and get healthier.  Every single one of them is going to help you burn fat.  Get six pack abs.  Increase energy.  Sleep […]


    • The 30 day no processed sugar challenge will make you a lean, mean string bean

      July 1, 2017

      My name is the Running Man and I am a sugarholic. For as long as I can remember I have LOVED sweets.  Cookies.  Sodas.  Brownies.  Ice Cream.  Dairy Queen! It is this addiction that has been at the heart of my professional hypocrisy. A trainer/nutrition coach who can polish off a pint of Ben & […]